Manifestation 4 - Exhibition of scale models

"Architectural Ballistic: Fire and Forget" was the sub-title of the exhibition of architectural scale models, which was part of the Manifestation for the Unstable Media 4 (1992).

Manifestation 4 - Exhibition of scale models

Manifestation 4 - Exhibition of scale models; photo: Jan Sprij

Sep 1992
Oct 1992
location: Schilderstraat 27a, Den Bosch

During the Manifestation for Unstable Media 4 a presentation of scale-models was held. The models presented the condition of architecture in the early nineties. This meant that architecture was in a state of fundamental uncertainty. In between the tension of traditional materiality and telematic immateriality, architecture was confronted with ideological multiformity. Architecture is bombarded with images from the media, which paralyzes the ability to make proper judgments. Although this crisis should be solved, it is the path to the answers of these effects that are challenging for architecture. This demands a critical positioning, which has to be characterized by an adequate understanding of the field of tension between historical context and the acceleration of technological development. The exhibited models formed a presented reality of the destabilization of the architectonic object. This was shown in different media. The exhibited objects depicted their individual position within the time and space discontinuum, where speed seemed to be the only reference.

Participants of this exhibition were Peter Groot, Marc Reiniers, Wouter Thijssen, Karel van Eijken, Jasper Molenaar, Marcel Steeghs, Marcel Schoonderbeek, Arend Rutgers, Marc Heesterbeek, Liong Li, Joan van Doorn/Jeroen van de Ven, Marx and Steketee, Michel ter Braak, Marc Maurer, Ted Schulten, Lars Spuijbroek and Maurice Nio.

This exhibition was realized in cooperation with the TU Eindhoven.

Source: V2_'s brochure

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