Manifestation 4 - Interactive Artworks

Exhibition of interactive artworks, part of the Manifestion for the Unstable Media 4 (1992).

Manifestation 4 - Interactive Artworks

Ágnes Hegedûs: Handsight; photo: Jan Sprij

Sep 1992
Oct 1992
location: V2, Aawal 2a, 's Hertogenbosch

The exhibition of interactive artworks wanted to demonstrate the influence of electronic media on the visual arts. When in art we were used to dealing with materiality, an electronic space was introduced where immateriality is the dominating feature. This question of immateriality changes the concept of an artwork. Artist and public no longer automatically deal with a closed space or fixed material. Virtual space now exists next to traditional sculpture. Electronic media also provides the possibility of interaction between the public and the artwork; the public can change the artwork. More importantly, the artwork can no longer exist without the public, for the artwork doesn't function without the intervening of the public. As a whole, the use of electronic media has changed art from a static form with an eternal value to a form that is variable and transitory. This means that classical values and esthetics have to be reconsidered. In the exhibition several interactive artworks of international artists were presented, which gave an impression of a new movement within the visual arts.

Source: V2_'s brochure 1992

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