Manifestation for the Unstable Media 3

The third manifestation for the unstable media, with lectures, performance/concerts and an exhibition.

Manifestation for the Unstable Media 3


Nov 1990
Nov 1990
location: V2_, Aawal 2a, Kunstakademie and Kerkplein, Den Bosch

Since a few years, V2_ had been organizing manifestations (or small-scale festivals) that focused on the use of electronic media and tools in art. In these manifestations, an attempt was made to highlight electronic media from different perspectives.

In 1988, the "Manifesto for the Unstable Media" was written -- a guideline for the manifestation taking place in that year. In 1989, the second Manifestation for the Unstable Media focused on the use and possibilities of telecommunications equipment by artists.

In 1990, during the third Manifestation for the Unstable Media, more general attention was given to electronic media in general. Through lectures, concerts and an exhibition, the so-called "sources" of these electronic media were described -- meaning the characteristics of these media that are present like laws of nature and that, therefore, define the interaction with and the mediatization of the media.

The manifestation consisted of three parallel program elements: lectures, concerts and an exhibition. (Text from the old archive site).


Electronic art, the official art circuit and news media in 1990

In 1990, when V2_ organized its third Manifestation for the Unstable Media, it was difficult to draw attention to developments in electronic art in traditional news media. Proof of this is the following excerpt from V2_'s press release for the 1990 Manifestation for Unstable Media.

"It's striking how news media and the official art circles pay almost no attention to the developments in electronic art -- while, nevertheless, the increased use of these media by artists is a good mirror of the influence of these media on society.

Or perhaps it"s not so strange. Maybe these new media have characteristics that are opposed to the rules and interests of official art circles and mass media. Transitoriness and instability are elementary principles in electronic media -- concepts that closely relate to processes in society. The concept of chaos draws more attention than ever in science and art. All these concepts indicat