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"Street/Appropriation/Struggle" by STEALTH.[u]ltd transports and amplifies a surrounding real ...

TANGENT_FRACTURE Dec 01, 2005 05:00 PM

The INFRActures vernissage is the first in V2's new series of monthly TANGENT live and interactive ...

Edwin van der Heide

Edwin van der Heide (NL) is a Dutch composer, performer and instrument builder.

Avluda|In The Courtyard

"Avluda | In The Courtyard" (2002) is a video work by Cevdet Erek.


TICS [THIS INAUDIBLE CITY SOUNDS: Reading through Pamuk's Istanbul] is an audiovisual project by ...

mXhz is a collective of machine cent'red humanz


"Sound/Light/Street" is an installation by Edwin van der Heide.

Cevdet Erek

Cevdet Erek (TR) is a sound artist interested in perception.


STEALTH.unlimited is an arts and urban development practice set up in 2000 by Ana Džokić and Marc ...

Evolving Spark Network Exhibition Mar 05, 2011 02:00 PM

The spectacular installation "Evolving Spark Network" by Edwin van der Heide is installed for one ...

Being There Launch Dec 18, 2005 03:00 PM

During the finissage weekend of INFRActures, artist laurie halsey brown organized a bus tour ...

Boris Debackere

Lab Manager at V2_ (Management Team Member).

Wiretap 5.08 - Distributed Vibes Sep 03, 1999 08:30 PM

On sound art on/over the internet, with a tele-lecture by Howard Slater (UK), presentations by ...

GATC / Life

GATC/life is a virtual reality project realized by Sonia Cillari and Edwin van der Heide in ...

Open_Brunch: Sonic Pulse Nov 12, 2004 12:30 PM

Brunch presentation at DEAF04.

Evolving Spark Network

Interactive sound and light installation (2010 - 2011) by Edwin van der Heide (NL). [Work ...

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