Open_Brunch: Sensing Location

A brunch presentation at DEAF04.

Nov 2004
12:30 to 15:00

With the ubiquity of wireless technologies and their convergence with implicit location-sensing abilities embedded within electronic devices, the environment - as well as our own bodies, space and its perception - now becomes traceable, augmentable and programmable. Sensing Location explores the activist and poetic side of this emergent medium by re-envisioning our digital environment where space and technology themselves become the canvas.

Introduced by Stephen Kovats (CA) and moderated by Marc Tuters (CA)
Guests: Christian Nold (UK), artist and interaction designer, Susan Noguero (ES), programmer and multi-media developer and Jaanis Garancs (LV), media artist and consultant.
Food design by Inge Gregoire (NL), food artist

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