Smart Talk: The Real World

V2_ curator Michel van Dartel will sit down with Bas Heijne, eteam, Sander Veenhof and Jos de Mul to talk about augmented reality. Their chat is part of De Unie in Debat’s Smart Talk discussion and debate series, taking place at the Rotterdamse Schouwburg during the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Jan 2012
21:00 to 22:30
location: Kleine Zaal, Rotterdamse Schouwburg

In this debate, we’ll look at the fusion of film and reality. Bas Heijne will talk about IFFR’s Signals: For Real program, which focuses on augmented reality – the addition of an audiovisual layer on top of the real world. We’ll talk about reality as a projection surface, the interaction between virtual and physical space, and the “scripting” of real situations. How do these new cinematic art forms influence our perception of reality? And what are the social implications of supplementing physical space with extra virtual information? Featuring artist duo eteam, media artist and V2_ regular Sander Veenhof, Michel van Dartel and cyberphilosopher Jos de Mul (TBC).

Smart Talk is a series of discussions and debates organized by De Unie in Debat. The events are designed for film lovers seeking in-depth consideration and analysis of the medium. Events take place nightly from Friday, January 27, through Thursday, February 2, on location in the Kleine Zaal at the Rotterdamse Schouwburg. 

Admission: Free; reservation not required

Signals: For Real

The IFFR Signals: For Real program features a selection of Augmented Reality projects including works by Aram Bartholl, Sander Veenhof and Wouter Huis.



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