Splendid Immersion

The international exhibition "Splendid Immersion: The Time and Space of Flow" explores the structure of immersive aquatic realms, their effects on our perception, gravitational experience and physical movement through time and space.

Splendid Immersion

Sonia Cillari: Vain in Transit

May 2005
Jun 2005
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

Related to the of the theme of the 2nd International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) - The Flood, V2_ presents the international exhibition Splendid Immersion: The Time and Space of Flow as part of the City Program. Splendid Immersion presents the works of four international artists currently resident at, or affiliated with V2_ as well as two selected works by students of the Interactive Multi-Media program at Willem de Kooning Academie (Hogeschool Rotterdam).

Sandro Canavezzi de Abreu
VOID: a stereo endoscopy into a black-box

VOID, conceived by Brazilian architect and media artist Sandro Canavezzi, is a fluid voyage with time and space distortions. It focuses on the grey area of our perception, assuming that interaction itself is the 'material' of interactive art. This augmented reality system introduces the user to an observational situation that shifts the user's position to that of a super-observer.

Graham Smith
Submersive Cinema (model)

The goal of Submersive Cinema is to immerse the audience underwater directly into a visual experience - cinema in a weightless state. For Splendid Immersion, Canadian robotics artist and scientist Graham Smith displays prototypical models and content ideas for his Submersive Cinema project as well as an outline of his participation in the space art project MIR in Orbit.

Sonia Cillari
Vain in Transit: digital creature

Italian digital artist and architect Sonia Cillari presents Vain in Transit, a swarming and flowing underwater creature trapped in a process of oscillating between states of being. Vain in Transit, produced at Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten (Amsterdam), and in collaboration with sound artist elpueblodechina, deals with an experiential visualization of emotions within our inner space, through sensations aroused in touching. The project refers to the technology of energy transmission, invisible in nature: thanks to the assimilation into an electromagnetic field the visitor becomes part of the sensors. Other visitors can then trigger interaction by touching the person standing in the field.
See also www.iua.upf.es/~scillari

Hermen Maat & Karen Lancel
FloatScanner (model)

Dutch media artists Hermen Maat and Karen Lancel present a narrative model of their floating urban interactive installation FloatScanner. The piece plays with the sense of losing control of your surroundings and your self therein. Pairs of participants can experience these mechanisms of manipulation and submission in the domain of wireless communications.
See also the website of FloatScanner.

Willem de Kooning Academie
Students of the Interactive Multi-Media program at Willem de Kooning Academie (Hogeschool Rotterdam) will install Cloud, a perpetual warning mechanism designed for the uncertainty of impending weather fluctuations, and the Telepresence Stairs which will create a real-time audio-aquatic link between the spaces of Splendid Immersion and the NAi.

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