TECHNOSENSUAL: Where Fashion Meets Techology

Exhibition curated by Anouk Wipprecht, presenting electronic textiles and wearable technologies created by international haute tech couture designers at quartier21 in Vienna.

Jun 2012
Sep 2012
10:00 to 19:00
location: freiraum quartier21, Vienna

The exhibition features garments that combine fashion and technology while expanding the possibilities of contemporary fashion design. These smart textiles are equipped with electronic components such as sensors and LEDs or are made out of innovative and futuristic materials. The interactive engineering of the pieces in the exhibition gives visitors a chance to experience haute tech couture first hand.

OPENING: June 14th at 20.00 h., opening by Sabine Seymour.

Performances at the opening: Slime performance of Bart Hess and sound-suit performance of Maartje Dijkstra, as well as DJ set and robotic drinks served by DareDroid2.0 as created by MONO.

Performances, lectures, workshops for kids and teens, as well as the opening conversations and end symposium curated by Valerie Lamontagne on August 29 at 19:00 with Pauline van Dongen

V2_labs are part of the extensive program accompanying the exhibition. For more info look at their Facebookpage.

A catalogue will accompany the exhibition.

Participants include Bart Hess (NL), Studio Roosegaarde (NL), Lucy McRae (NL/AU), Ying Gao (CA), Maartje Dijkstra (NL), V2_lab (NL), Royal Philips Electronics (NL), Django Steenbakker (NL), Pauline van Dongen (NL), Nancy Tilbury (UK), Valerie Lamontagne (CA), Anouk Wipprecht (NL), Bogomir Doringer (NL), Rein Vollenga (NL/DE), MoNo (CA/NL/AT), Jane Tingley (CA), Marius Kintel (AT), Melissa Coleman (NL), Leonie Smelt (NL), Karina van Heck (NL), Ricardo O'Nascimento (NL), Anbasja Blanken (NL), Local Androids (NL), Nicky Assmann (NL), KOBAKANT (AT/US/JP), Aoife Wullur (NL) Meg Grant (NL), Anja Hertenberger (NL), Daniel Schatzmayr (AT), Aduen Darriba (NL), Graham Smith (CA/NL), Beorn Lebenstedt (NL), Benoit Maubrey (US/FR), and Frederick Baker (AT). Some of them will be living at the MQ in the coming months as quartier21 Artists-in-Residence.

The. exhibition is part of the quartier21 exhibition series "freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL" in cooperation with the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, the Dutch Embassy in Austria, the Mondriaan Foundation (NL), and other partners from Austria and abroad.

More information about this event…

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