Test_Lab: Live_Coding

Test_Lab: Live_Coding will feature debates and presentations on "Live Coding", a networked code jamming performance, live coded music, introductions and hands-on experiences in "Live Coding" programming languages for code improvisation, and a live coded Augmented Reality experience.

Dec 2007
20:00 to 23:00

Featuring: Powerbooks_Unplugged (DE/NL), Florian Cramer (Piet Zwart Institute, DE/NL), Carla Mulder (Lange Poten Theatre Group, NL), Rnul (Aart Muis and Rob Donkers, NL), Susie Jae (aka. Jean Van Sloan, US/NL), and V2_Lab / MultimediaN.

A relatively new programming paradigm called Live Coding is redefining the way in which software can be applied in live performances. While improvisation has a long history in the arts, the traditional edit compile run programming model limits software use to predetermined procedures running alongside a performance; allowing a programmer very limited improvisation, live alteration, or adjustment of the software during runtime. In contrast with this traditional model, Live Coding provides expressive control over software code during runtime, which allows for live (artistic) improvisation by programmers.

In Live Coding, programmers no longer technically assist performers; they are (co-)performers, using code as an interface to improvise with either different types of performers (ranging from dancers to DJs) or in networks with other live coders.

Test_Lab: Live_Coding (2007) from V2_ on Vimeo.



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