Test_Lab: Summer Sessions 2013

Presenting new artworks by Cecilia Jonsson, Chin-Hsiang Hu, Leif Parker, Ou-Bau Tsai, and Weiyi Hu, developed during the Summer Sessions 2013.

Sep 2013
20:00 to 23:00
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

Every year, V2_ invites a small group of up-and-coming artists to spend their summer at V2_Lab for an intense short-term residency. During these so-called Summer Sessions, the selected artists are given the opportunity to develop an artwork in close collaboration with V2_'s expert developers, curators and project managers.

This year’s SummerSessions welcomed five artists into V2_Lab to realize new art projects. By holding the Summer Sessions residencies in parallel, V2_ aimed to promote a creative synergy between the selected artists. The outcome of this process will be presented during Test_Lab: Summer Sessions 2013. In the Test_Lab tradition, the projects will be demonstrated live and the audience will be invited to ‘test’ the artworks hands-on.

Demonstrations: Cecilia Jonsson (SW) | Chin-Hsiang Hu (TW) | Leif Parker (CA) | Ou-Bau Tsai (TW) | Weiyi Hu (CN) | Introductions: Michelle Kasprzak (CA/NL) | Boris Debackere (BE) | Jan Misker (NL) | Michel van Dartel (NL) | Critical respondent: Arjen Mulder (NL).


TIP: Prior to the Test_Lab, on the same day, late afternoon 17:00 - 18:30, there's the Prism of Evil Media presentation at the nearby New Institute, with Matthew Fuller and Graham Harwood: theruin.thenewinstitute.nl/Prism.

PS: Because he was in Rotterdam at the time, also a presentation by Johannes Langkamp was included in the Test_Lab presentation,

Test_Lab is a public events series organized by V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media that provides an informal setting for the presentation, demonstration, testing and discussion of artistic research and development.

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