Test_Lab series

Test_Lab is a public event series organized by V2_ that provides an informal setting for the presentation, demonstration, testing, and discussion of artistic research and development.

Since 2006, V2_ has been organizing a public program under the name Test_Lab. The target group consists of artists, scientists, technicians, theorists and students carrying out work at the cutting edge of technology, society and art.

Although each edition has a specific theme, Test_Labs have a low entry threshold and are therefore always accessible for a wide audience of interested people. New developments in the field of artistic research and development are demonstrated, tested, presented and discussed at the Test_Labs. The programs offer a broad context for new work and work in development, bringing together specialists from a wide range of scientific and artistic disciplines, young creators, students, and theorists in an informal setting. In each individual Test_Lab program, a different subject is tackled through a constantly changing informal format.

Because input and feedback from experts, colleagues and potential users/audience members is crucial in the development process of art, audience participation is an important component of these programs. Thus Test_Lab offers participating artists, scientists, technicians, theorists and students a unique informal, art-oriented test environment (usually absent in the studio or laboratory), and the always-present hands-on elements mean no visitor leaves without trying, experiencing, making or testing something new. At Test_Lab, visitors transform into participants, and participants into their own audience. In a playful manner, each edition of Test_Lab offers a glimpse behind the scenes of artistic research and development.

Jul 2011

Test_Lab: The Graduation Edition

In this edition of Test_Lab we celebrate the graduation of a selection of freshly graduated media artists from European art and design academies as well as the 25th edition of Test_Lab!

May 2011

Test_Lab: Clothing Without Cloth

Material Explorations in the Field of Fashion & Technology. This edition of Test_Lab is curated by Valérie Lamontagne.

Mar 2011

Test_Lab: Active Listeners

This edition of Test_Lab will showcase new technology-inspired modes of live musical performance that radically transform the performer’s relationship with the audience.

Dec 2010

Test_Lab: Tools for ARt

In this edition of Test_Lab we open the AR toolbox and thoroughly look at the various technologies that can be found inside. With live demonstrations of AR technologies and artworks.

Sep 2010

Test_Lab: Summer Sessions 2010

Presentation of new artworks by Anouk Wipprecht, Joachim Rotteveel, Mark Shepard and Ivan Henriques developed at V2_ during this year’s Summer Sessions.

Aug 2010

Test_Lab at ISEA2010 RUHR

V2_ brings its Test_Lab format to Germany by organizing a special edition of Test_Lab Summer Sessions 2010 at the International Symposium on Electronic Art in Dortmund.

Jul 2010

Test_Lab: The Invisible City

This edition of Test_Lab features a selection of freshly graduated artists, architects, and designers from European art and design academies whose projects explore the invisible aspects of our contemporary urban environments.

May 2010

Test_Lab: Urban Screen Savers

Will artists end up merely designing urban screen savers, or can we save the urban screen as an artistic medium?

Mar 2010

Test_Lab: Tools for Propaganda

Experience how new media technologies direct, divert, distract and manipulate your gaze on the world.

Dec 2009

Test_Lab: Intimate Interfaces

Create electronic circuitry on bare skin, enter a digital network by wearing a veil, see through clothing without X-Ray vision. Test and debate some truly new forms of techno-intimacy in this edition of Test_Lab!

Sep 2009

Test_Lab: Summer Sessions 2009

At the end of the summer of 2009, a new Test_Lab season started, with presentations of new works by artists-in-residence Melissa Coleman, Tarik Barri, and David de Buyser, developed during V2_'s Summer Sessions.

Sep 2009

Test_Lab at Festival Ars Electronica

V2_ presented a special edition of Test_Lab: Summer Sessions at the Festival Ars Electronica 2009 in Linz. Respondent: David Stolarsky (Ars Electronica Futurelab), performance: Robot Cowboy (Dan Wilcox, Ars Electronica Futurelab).

Jul 2009

Test_Lab: What Crisis?!

In this edition of Test_Lab, V2_ will create its own special think tank for young artists to address issues of a world in crisis with artistic reflection and creative vision, laying out a young generation’s artistic view on our current conditions ...

May 2009

Test_Lab: Fashionable Technology

A Tweet shirt that twitters, a performance of The Perfect Human, a presentation of the Hugshirt, and a debate with experts in techno-ethics and wearable technology.

Mar 2009

Test_Lab: Artistic Interfaces

In this edition of Test_Lab, the outcome of artistic experiments in (counter-) intuitive Artistic Interfaces will be elaborated upon by interaction designer and researcher Kristina Andersen, and exemplified through demonstrations of the ...

Dec 2008

Test_Lab: Better Than Reality

Virtual Reality's esthetic possibilities have changed enormously during recent years. By demonstrating state-of-the-art AR and VR artworks and by discussing those in the light of the promises made by early VR visionaries, Test_Lab: Better than ...

Oct 2008

Test_Lab: goes Noordkaap

V2_ and Noordkaap Foundation invite you to witness how artists, designers, and performers give their views on potential solutions for the Voorstraat Noord urban development case, by taking you on city walks, seducing you to play urban games, and ...

Jul 2008

Test_Lab: Happiness

This Test_lab will showcase a selection of 2008's most outstanding graduation projects from some of the finest European art academies and universities. Together, the demonstrated works will broaden our horizons regarding a young generation's ...

Apr 2008

Test_Lab: Topology

Topology is often mentioned as an ultimate example of the same subject being studied in parallel within various branches of science and art, each branch approaching the subject from its own background and with its own methodologies. Today, there are ...

Feb 2008

Test_Lab: Multi_modal

Although technological innovation in art and media has greatly enhanced the ways in which artworks can stimulate our senses, this innovation predominantly concerns the same few sensory modalities, and only rarely aims at supporting the integration ...

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