Test_Lab series

Test_Lab is a public event series organized by V2_ that provides an informal setting for the presentation, demonstration, testing, and discussion of artistic research and development.

Since 2006, V2_ has been organizing a public program under the name Test_Lab. The target group consists of artists, scientists, technicians, theorists and students carrying out work at the cutting edge of technology, society and art.

Although each edition has a specific theme, Test_Labs have a low entry threshold and are therefore always accessible for a wide audience of interested people. New developments in the field of artistic research and development are demonstrated, tested, presented and discussed at the Test_Labs. The programs offer a broad context for new work and work in development, bringing together specialists from a wide range of scientific and artistic disciplines, young creators, students, and theorists in an informal setting. In each individual Test_Lab program, a different subject is tackled through a constantly changing informal format.

Because input and feedback from experts, colleagues and potential users/audience members is crucial in the development process of art, audience participation is an important component of these programs. Thus Test_Lab offers participating artists, scientists, technicians, theorists and students a unique informal, art-oriented test environment (usually absent in the studio or laboratory), and the always-present hands-on elements mean no visitor leaves without trying, experiencing, making or testing something new. At Test_Lab, visitors transform into participants, and participants into their own audience. In a playful manner, each edition of Test_Lab offers a glimpse behind the scenes of artistic research and development.

Dec 2007

Test_Lab: Live_Coding

Test_Lab: Live_Coding will feature debates and presentations on "Live Coding", a networked code jamming performance, live coded music, introductions and hands-on experiences in "Live Coding" programming languages for code improvisation, and a live ...

Oct 2007

Test_Lab: Audio_Objects

In Test_Lab: Audio_Objects, some of the most promising new physical audio interfaces will be demonstrated, tested, and discussed among experts and audience.

Jul 2007

Test_Lab: PLAY!

European art graduation projects 2007, featuring "Dobrze" by Dorota Walentynowicz, "Block H." by Faith Denham, "CollecTic" by Jonas Hielscher, "Wi-Fi Straitjacket" by Gordan Savicic, and "Paraphernalia" by Nancy Mauro-Flude. With invited speakers ...

Feb 2007

Test_Lab: Dancing Around Technology

Recent artistic Research and Design projects have been exploring the relation between humans and machines within the field of performing arts with very exciting results. Examples of such projects in development will be presented, demonstrated, and ...

Nov 2006
Nov 2006

Test_Lab: Fleshing Out

A two-day event about close-to-the-skin technology organized by V2_ and Virtueel Platform. Recent developments in science, including DNA and stem cell research, tissue culture, smart materials and wearable technology, have a growing impact on how we ...

Oct 2006

Test_Lab: Immersive Mixed Reality Environments

Test_Lab: Immersive Mixed Reality Environments is the product of a unique collaboration between the Erasmus Medical Centre and V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media with the aim of opening the dialogue between scientists and artists that apply ...

Sep 2006

Test_Lab: Implant

In this edition Workspace Unlimited will demonstrate IMPLANT, students from the HKU will use the audience as a test panel for their installations, and dj’s Siuli K.O., Basskowski, and Uberchica will each perform a set.

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