The Evening of ... Woody Vasulka

An evening program at DEAF00, curated by and featuring Woody Vasulka.

Nov 2000
Nov 2000
location: Lantaren 1, Gouvernestraat 133

Woody Vasulka (CZ/US) explored the way in which electro-mechanical machines contain the principles of time/energy and code, presenting tools and images from his rich archive.

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Woody Vasulka

Woody Vasulka (CZ/US) is an artist who pioneered early extended cinema.

DEAF00 - Machine Times Nov 14, 2000

DEAF00 Dutch Electronic Art Festival - Machine Times (2000).

Time/energy object and its building element, the waveform

Short article by Woody Vasulka, published in Machine Times (2000).

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DEAF_00 Exhibition Nov 14, 2000 06:00 PM

Exhibition of the Dutch Electronic Art Festival of 2000, the theme was Machine Times.

DEAF00 – Machine Time Programme Booklet

Programme booklet for the Dutch Electronic Art Festival 2000.

Machine Times

"Machine Times" is a collection of essays, interviews and art projects that explores the ...

DEAF_00 Symposium Nov 17, 2000 01:00 PM

Machine Times was the symposium of DEAF00.

Machine Times (Introduction)

Introduction from the V2_ publication "Machine Times" (2000), published on the occasion of DEAF00.

12th of Never

"12th of Never" (2000) is a photography work by Gerald van der Kaap.

CaV2 Nov 14, 2000 10:00 AM

An exhibition by Victor Elberse during DEAF00.

Peter Weibel

Peter Weibel (DE) is an artist, theorist and curator.

Atau Tanaka

Atau Tanaka (JP) is an artist-developer for musical interfaces.

The Evening of ... Sara Diamond Nov 16, 2000 08:30 PM

Program of presentations and screenings curated by Sara Diamond.

The Cinema at the End of the Universe Nov 16, 2000 08:00 PM

Film programme at DEAF00.

Bill Spinhoven

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