Urban Tendencies

Series of lectures and workshop on the topic of artistic interfaces to urban processes as part of the Urban Strategies - Urban Agency program.

Urban Tendencies

Urban Tendencies: Alex Adriaansens

Nov 1999
20:30 to 22:30
location: Zaal de Unie, Mauritsweg 34, Rotterdam.

Urban Tendencies discusses the relationship between new media and urban development. The programme focuses primarily on the possibilities that are created by digital technologies for participation of individuals and groups in public processes. It elucidates artistic and cultural projects that involve media, like Internet, large-scale image projections and interactive installations.

1 - 5 nov, 20.00hrs, Zaal De Unie, fl.12,50/10,00:
Workshop and lectures 'Urban Strategies - Urban Agency' in cooperation with Knowbotic Research, it contextualises and critically reflects on the IO_Dencies project in a series of public lecture evenings, and working visits around Rotterdam.

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