ZEROnet performance

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ZEROnet (1992) was an international electronic network.

Lecture about ZEROnet Mar 27, 1993 03:00 PM

A presentation by Robert Adrian, part of the The Art of Being Everywhere program, a lecture on ...

Telenoia Oct 30, 1992

A lecture performance with Roy Ascott, network sessions and a tele-concert with ZEROnet.

Performance Art Deco Jun 13, 1986 11:00 PM

The concert / performance by Art Deco was the final event of the Romantic Aesthetics manifestation.

Performance #1

"Performance #1" (2011) is a cinematic performance event by Wouter Huis.

Performance Het Zweet Mar 23, 1985 01:00 AM

A performance of Topsy-Turvy by Het Zweet.

Seiji Shimoda

Seiji Shimoda (JP) is a performance artist.

Big Data Poetry May 22, 2014 08:00 PM

Audiovisual live performance by Geert Mul and Michel Banabila. Performance at DEAF2014

Aaron Williamson

Aaron Williamson (GB) is a choreographer, writer and performance artist.

Cinema Contra Video Apr 18, 1997 05:00 PM

The opening performance of the Postinformation Exhibition, in the context of the "Digital Bridges" ...


InnerRythms is a performance by Jo Caimo.

Scott deLahunta

Scott deLahunta (US) is an artist involved in dance and performance.

Manhole May 16, 1992

A performance by Aaron Noble, during the "San Francisco Festival."

The Optic Nerve Nov 17, 1990

A performance by Barry Schwartz with high voltages and live video.

Flossing May 10, 1992

A performance by Aaron Noble and Marshall Weber, during the "San Francisco Festival."

Performance by Von Magnet Nov 12, 1988

Multi-media performance by Von Magnet, part of the second Manifestation for the Unstable Media ...

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