van Koolwijk video screenshot - live cinema in motion #2 (2002)

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Bas van Koolwijk

Bas van Koolwijk (NL) is a video and audio artist. - live cinema in motion #2 May 04, 2002

An edition with Bas van Koolwijk & Radboud Men (NL), and Vita & Westerplatte (S), followed by the ...

Radboud Mens

Radboud Mens (NL) is a sound artist.

Video's by Club Moral Mar 22, 1985 10:00 PM

Two video's by D.D.V. (Danny Devos) and one by A.M.V.K. (Annemie van Kerckhoven), shown at V2.

Ivo van Stiphout

Ivo van Stiphout (NL) is an artist and video art preservation expert.

Videopresentatie III Sep 25, 1987 08:30 PM

Presentation evening with videos by artists and video centers.

Fay van der Wall

Fay van der Wall (NL) writes and directs documentaries and music videos.

Videopresentatie II Sep 18, 1987 08:30 PM

With works by Diamanda Galas, William Burroughs, Mark Pauline (SRL) and Javier Cinca with video ...


"Relocatie" is a video project by Hans Lodewijkx and Theo van den Boomen (NL).

Robert van Heumen

Robert van Heumen (NL) is a composer-musician.

Real-time video and audio Sep 26, 2001 11:00 AM

A workshop on real-time video and audio processing.

Michiel van Bakel

Michiel van Bakel (NL) makes sculptures, installations, and short videos.

Mental Rotation: L'Age d'Or 2

"Mental Rotation: L'Age d'Or 2" is a video installation by Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven.

The Optic Nerve Nov 17, 1990

A performance by Barry Schwartz with high voltages and live video.

Barney Haynes

Barney Haynes (US) is a video and installation artist working with assembled interactive ...

Video's from the V2_Archief Mar 22, 1985 10:00 PM

On March 22nd 1985 the first video compilation tape form the V2_Archief was shown.

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