behind the Emotional Chair

Test_Lab: Multi_modal (2008) - photo Jan Sprij

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The Spime Arrives is a text by Bruce Sterling. It is part of the Blowup Reader The Era of Objects.

Emotional Rescue Through Media Sep 30, 2010 07:00 PM

In a world over-saturated with data and virtuality, is emotional rescue possible through physical ...

Graham Smith

Graham Smith (CA/NL) is an artist and inventor.


Pulse (2008) is an installation by Markus Kison.


Tele_Trust (2009) is an interactive artwork by Karen Lancel and Hermen Maat.

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The Blind Robot is a work by Louis-Philippe Demers. It is part of the DEAF 2014 exhibition.

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Tim Lenoir (US) is Jenkins Chair for New Technologies and Society.

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Border Check is a software project by Roel Oscam Abbing that illustrates and plays around with the ...

V2 in W2 Nov 03, 1984 09:30 PM

A weekend of concerts at Willem II, organized by V2.

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