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Bloggers on Tweet Bubble Series

Selection of links to blog posts on the Tweet Bubble Series by Aram Bartholl.

Tweet Bubble Series

"Tweet Bubble Series" (2009) is a series of four wearable artworks by the German artist Aram ...

Tweet Bubble Series

The Tweet Bubble Series consists of four wearable speech bubble prototypes developed in ...

Take the Tweets Out There

Interview with Aram Bartholl about his "Tweet Bubble Series".

Tweet Bubble Series Technical Documentation

An archived version of the technical documentation of Aram Bartholl's "Tweet Bubble Series", as ...

DIY Networks Apr 11, 2007 11:00 AM

Electronic hands-on workshops on media ecologies, part of DEAF07.

Workshop Wearable Technology May 16, 2009 10:00 AM

Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson (aka KOBAKANT) gave a two-day workshop on DIY wearable ...

Carlyle Studies, review on The Sympathy of Things

A long review from the Carlyle Studies Annual on Lars Spuybroek's The Sympathy of Things.

The Architectural Review on The Sympathy of Things

A Review of The Sympathy of Things by Lars Spuybroek in The Architectural Review, February 2012.

Vertical Irrigation System - second variation

Installation of an autonomous irrigation system can bring barren places in the city back to life, ...

DIY Ambient Intelligence Oct 28, 2007

DIY Ambient Intelligence was a workshop led by V2_ at Altart in Cluj, Romania

Review of On the Threshold of Beauty

A Dutch review of Kees Tazelaars On the Threshold of Beauty by Maarten Brandt published in Opus ...

Irene Posch

Irene Posch (AT) is a researcher and artist active in the field of new technologies, art and ...

Neural reviews On the Threshold of Beauty

Review (dd. 16 May 2014) of Kees Tazelaar's 'On the Threshold of Beauty' in the Italian magazine ...

Hannah Perner-Wilson

Hannah Perner-Wilson (AT) is a designer and writes DIY instructions on wearable technology under ...

De Architect on The Sympathy of Things

A review in de Architect (Dutch) on The Sympathy of Things by Lars Spuybroek, January 2012.

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