Audience using Telepresence Furniture

3rd i exhibition Shanghai (2010)

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An installation by Victor Elberse that housed the different projects presented during the ...

The Third Eye Essen - Wakefield Nov 12, 2010

Cybercity Ruhr presents a new edition of the interactive media art exhibition 3rd i.


"MOBI" is short for 'Mobile Operating Bi-directional Interface', it is a telepresence work by ...

Graham Smith

Graham Smith (CA/NL) is an artist and inventor.

Damian Stewart

Damian Stewart (NZ/AT) is an artist working with sound, code, light, and electronics.

On The Lines

"On The Lines" by Peter D'Agostino is an interactive telepresence-installation (1990).

Systems Maintenance

Description of Perry Hoberman's installation Systems Maintenance, published in The Art of the ...

RE: wins WRO Audience Award RE: wins WRO Audience Award

RE: by Carolien Teunisse and Bram Snijders wins the 2011 WRO Media Art Biennale Alternative Now ...


"Soft(n)" (2007) by Thecla Schiphorst is an interactive installation using soft networked objects. ...

Telephonic Arm-Wrestling

"Telephonic Arm-Wrestling" (1986 & 2011) is a work by Norman White and Doug Back.

International Feel

"International Feel" (2011) is an over-the internet interactive sound installation by David Rokeby.


"SHAREWEAR" is an investigative fashion and technology collaboration involving V2_, Institute for ...


SHAREWEAR is an investigative fashion and technology collaboration involving Di Mainstone and V2_.


PIPS:lab is totally self-made. They produce their own software, hardware, music tracks, stories and ...

Mohammed Ali

Mohammed Ali studied at the Royal College of Art (London), and presents work at V2_ in 2014.

Systems Maintenance

"Systems Maintenance" (1998) is an interactive installation by Perry Hoberman.

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