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3rd i exhibition Shanghai (2010)

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Bas Haring

Bas Haring (NL) is a philosopher who aims to make science understandable for the general public.

Poster actie Aug 01, 1982

Action by artists connected to V234.

Jan Misker

Project Manager at V2_Lab

Publishing and disclosure systems

On the technical and practical realizations within the research project Capturing Unstable Media, ...

Arie Altena

Website editor at V2_.

Ionat Zurr

Ionat Zurr (AU) is an artist, curator and researcher.


Blur is a work by Jairo Gutiérez Feut

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"NGA Experience" (2011) is an AR app for museum visits by Tate Strickland (US).


A project by Frédéric Degouzon and Laurent Neyssensas (FR), presented in 2001.


A collaborative project, "Amicitia" (2002) aimed at making TV and video content available online.

DataCloud 2.0 research Navigation and interaction

A text by Anne Nigten about the Datacloud 2.0 research (2001-2002).

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This work (1991) by Morton Subotnick is the first musical composition released exclusively on ...

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Hewey Jacobs is interested in the social implications of technology.


ÆLab is the artistic research unit around Gisèle Trudel and Stéphane Claude.

Laurier Rochon

Laurier Rochon (CA) is an artist, who expresses himself through writing & coding.


"2001" was an exhibition by Wolfgang Staehle's at Postmasters' Gallery in New York.

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