Telepresence Furniture

with Alex Adriaansens and Graham Smith, inside 3rd i exhibition Shanghai (2010)

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Mohammed Ali

Mohammed Ali studied at the Royal College of Art (London), and presents work at V2_ in 2014.

Systems Maintenance

"Systems Maintenance" (1998) is an interactive installation by Perry Hoberman.


"MOBI" is short for 'Mobile Operating Bi-directional Interface', it is a telepresence work by ...

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Graham Smith (CA/NL) is an artist and inventor.

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Cybercity Ruhr presents a new edition of the interactive media art exhibition 3rd i.

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Perry Hoberman (US) is an installation artist.

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A sound installation by Floris van Manen (NL), which took place between the Netherlands and the US.


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Johannes Birringer (DE/US) is an artist and choreographer.


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