Outside the cube

3rd i exhibition Shanghai (2010)

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"Cubebrowser" (1st ed. 2009) by Ludwig Zeller is a navigation device for online databases.

Spotlight: Curator Conversations May 17, 2012

A conversation with curators of festivals and major events, giving an insight into the brightest ...

Stephanie Fraysse-Ripert

Stephanie Fraysse-Ripert (FR) is the Director of Le Cube.

Carine Le Malet

Carine Le Malet is Head of Artistic programmation of Le Cube

Global Interior Project

An interactive installation of virtual worlds by Masaki Fujihata, shown at DEAF96.

BOX 30/70 May 12, 2001 10:00 AM

The "BOX 30/70" project by Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger is a mobile soundinstallation in public ...

Ludwig Zeller

Ludwig Zeller (DE) is a Cologne-based artist and designer.


TASTE-ETSAT is an installation by Sissel Tolaas consisting of six different tastes, generated by ...

Feico Sobel

Feico Sobel (NL) is a dramaturg.

It Looks Good It Looks Good

We installed our logo on the facade of Eendrachtsstraat 10.


ARtours is an Augmented Reality project of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (2010-).

Geek Run

"Geek Run" (2011) by Emilie Tappolet, Raphaël Munoz and Maria Beltran uses physical cubes as game ...

Avluda|In The Courtyard

"Avluda | In The Courtyard" (2002) is a video work by Cevdet Erek.

Niklas Adam

Niklas Adam (DK) is an artist residing in Norway.

The Discrete Dialogue Network

"The Discrete Dialogue Network" (2011) is an anonymous voice messaging system for public space by ...

VOID: a stereo endoscopy into a black-box

"VOID: a stereo endoscopy into a black-box" is a work by Sandro Canavezzi de Abreu.

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