Birdeye view

3rd i exhibition Shanghai (2010), photo: Qifeng Zhao

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Jan Misker

Project Manager at V2_Lab

Arie Altena

Website editor at V2_.


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Hewey Jacobs

Hewey Jacobs is interested in the social implications of technology.


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"2001" was an exhibition by Wolfgang Staehle's at Postmasters' Gallery in New York.

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Catalogue description of the work "BitPlane" of the Bureau of Inverse Technology, published in "The ...

Wiretap 7.13 - Urban Collisions: New York Jan 27, 2002 04:00 PM

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Boris Debackere

Lab Manager at V2_ (Management Team Member).


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DRIK is a Bangladesh-based photography agency.

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Planet M is a brand-new mobile infrastructure and laboratory for media art and digital culture, ...

Seiko Mikami (1961–2015) Seiko Mikami (1961–2015)

Seiko Mikami, an internationally-acknowledged artist and professor of Information Design Department ...

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