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3rd i exhibition Shanghai (2010), photo: Qifeng Zhao

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Radioscape IV

Radioscape is an immersive electromagnetic environment (2004) by Edwin van der Heide.

Saint-Georges et le Dragon

"Saint-Georges et le Dragon" (2004) by Jocelyn Robert is a video installation.


"Serendipitor" is an iPhone app developed by Mark Shepard during a V2_ Summer Session 2010.

Heritage Gold 1.0

"Heritage Gold 1.0" (1998) is a software project by Mongrel that alters your racial features.

Dream Kitchen

"Dream Kitchen" is a CD-ROM by Josephine Starrs and Leon Cmielewski.

The Dictator's Practical Internet Guide to Power Retention

Essential learning for every dictator: the 20-minute presentation by Laurier Rochon on ...

SPASM 4 Live

SPASM 4 Live (Spatial Audio Sound Mixer) gives you the possibility to create intuitive audio mixes ...


"Crossings" (1995), a project about landscape architecture, using Virtual Reality and the Internet, ...

Module #2

"Module #2" is the second version of Tom Verbruggen's (TokTek) handmade, wooden four-step sequencer ...


Dissecting Table - "Between Life and Death," CD, 1990.

Serendipitor Nominated for Transmediale Award 2011 Serendipitor Nominated for Transmediale Award 2011

V2_ is pleased to announce that the iPhone app "Serendipitor" by Mark Shepard, developed as part of ...

Watch That Sound at Cinekid Oct 21, 2010

The Watch That Sound studio has been built on the Cinekid festival site at the Westergasfabiek in ...

Liquid Architecture Nov 23, 1998 11:00 AM

Student workshop at DEAF98.

Images (larger than) 1:1

"Images (larger than) 1:1" (1996) is a web-based artwork by Debra Solomon.


The goal of the CLOSER project is to bring audiovisual archives in a more direct relationship with ...


"Promenade" (2000) is a software project by Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák and Márton Fernezelyi.

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