Alex Adriaansens opening

with the project's banner; 3rd i exhibition Shanghai (2010), photo: Qifeng Zhao

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Z.T and Dying Swan Mar 22, 1985 10:00 PM

A film and a video by Alex Adriaansens, both shown at V2 on March 22nd 1985.

Alex Adriaansens

Director of V2_

Für den Fortschritt der Mensch Dec 11, 1981 10:00 PM

A night at Club Moral, featuring work by Joke Brouwer and Alex Adriaansens.

Vom Ende der Eiszeit Nov 30, 1983 03:00 PM

Vom Ende der Eiszeit was an exhibition of an installation by Joke Brouwer in cooperation with Alex ...


Static Transit by V2

Optic Nerves

Later called "Static Transit - Optic Nerves" is an installation-performance by Alex Adriaansens, ...

En la frontera May 21, 1987

V2_ and Vivenza presented the installation "Movimiento-Tiempo-Espacio" during this festival.

Hilfe für Holland Mar 12, 1982 09:00 PM

Event at V2.

Opening DEAF03 Feb 25, 2003 07:00 PM

Opening program of the 2003 Dutch Electronic Art Festival.

V2 in V2 Oct 15, 1983 04:00 PM

An expo (V2 in V2) and concerts with the theme 'Strijd'.

No title

A video installation by Alex Adriaansens.

F.L.E.A. Festival Oct 10, 1991

The F.L.E.A. Festival was an international audio festival, organized at four locations: Fletch ...

Audiovisueel programma Mar 22, 1985 09:30 PM

A night with film's, video's, and performance at V2.


Vivenza "Beweging Tijd Ruimte," cassette, 1986.

De funktie van geluid Dec 22, 1984 08:00 PM

'De funktie van geluid' (the function of sound) was the opening event of V2 at the ...

220V Klankpark Aug 12, 1994

The first program of the 220V series, "220V Klankpark" was an exhibition of sound objects that ...

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