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3rd i exhibition Shanghai (2010)

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Postinformation Apr 18, 1997

Exhibition in the context of "Digital Bridges - Russian Media Art from St. Petersburg."

Videos about the Summer Sessions 2013 Videos about the Summer Sessions 2013

Video interviews with the artists who are working on their Summer Sessions 2013 project.

Videos: Summer Sessions 2014 Videos: Summer Sessions 2014

Video interviews with the artists who worked on a Summer Sessions project at V2_.


"StalkShow" (2003) a public space project by Karen Lancel.

Bourbonese Qualk and Muslim Gauze Apr 26, 1986 09:30 PM

Concert plus video by Bourbonese Qualk and Muslim Gauze (UK)

San Francisco Festival Videos May 09, 1992

Video program, part of the "San Francisco Festival."

Fay van der Wall

Fay van der Wall (NL) writes and directs documentaries and music videos.


"Surrounded" is a video installation by Yang Zhenzhong. It was shown in the exhibition of DEAF07.

Dirk Paesmans

Dirk Paesmans (BE/E) is one half of Jodi.


"Trigonometry" (also: "Ishittal") is a performance piece by The Haters.

Primitive Action Apr 26, 1986 09:30 PM

A concert by the Dutch group Primitive Action.

Videopresentatie III Sep 25, 1987 08:30 PM

Presentation evening with videos by artists and video centers.

Sprung aus den Wolken Jan 21, 1983 04:00 PM

Event at V2, with music, an exhibition and videos.

Oscar Steens

Oscar Steens (NL) is the editor-in-chief of City Media Rotterdam.

transArchitectures Nov 18, 1998 11:00 AM

TransArchtectures consisted of an exhibition of large prints and videos at the Nederlands ...

Saturday 19 February Feb 19, 1983

An event at V2, concerts, exhibition and videos.

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