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First Palm Top Theater Workshop
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"Agent Ruby" (2002) is a character invented by Lynn Hershmann. On the website "Agent" she ...

The Archivist Speaks ... [10]

A look at the V2_archive on occasion of the Museumnight 2012 and Test_Lab Smell This.

Ride the Byte

"Ride the Byte" (1999) is an interactive work by ART+COM which shows the complex structure of the ...

Capillary Gradient

Capillary Gradient is a work by Jessica De Boer

In the Event of Amnesia the City Will Recall

"In the Event of Amnesia the City Will Recall" is a short video by Denis Beaubois.


"Promenade" (2000) is a software project by Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák and Márton Fernezelyi.

Documenting the Aura

Text by Suzana Milevska, related to the V2_East Meeting on Archives and Documentation (1996).


An essay by Marko Peljhan and Carsten Nicolai on the project "Polar", 2002


"StalkShow" (2003) a public space project by Karen Lancel.


Description of COTIS, a work by the artist collective KIT, published in The Art of the Accident, ...

Tales from the Chopping Cart

"Tales from the Chopping Cart" (1992) is a physically and emotionally interactive video ...

The Egg of the Internet

"The Egg of the Internet" (1994) is an installation by the artist collective Netband.

Testing Protei 005.6 on the water Testing Protei 005.6 on the water

On Saturday July 23rd and almost six weeks before the unveiling of Protei +006 during the World ...

… and yes, they can float! … and yes, they can float!

While trying to make a revolution in the streets of The Hague to save the arts in the Netherlands, ...

deepSurface _the unvisual image_

A series of 3D animations dealing with movements of the body in the architecture of NOX developed ...

The Invisible Shape of Things Past

"The Invisible Shape of Things Past" (1995-) by ART+COM are parametric translations of movies into ...

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