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The Tiller Girls Sep 10, 2010

V2_ presented the return of the historic "Tiller Girls" to the Netherlands. The dancing robots gave ...

Philip Schulze

Philip Schulze is a media artist, composer and improviser.

Louis-Philippe Demers

Louis-Philippe Demers makes large-scale robotic environments and interactive media artworks.

Armin Purkrabek

Armin Purkrabek is a stage designer, researcher and media artist.

Action Plant

Action Plant explores a speculative proposal to empower threatened species of plants with the ...

Conversation Piece

Conversation Piece is a work by Gabriele Golder. It is part of the DEAF2014 exhibition.

Seiji Shimoda

Seiji Shimoda (JP) is a performance artist.


John McTiernan's "Predator" (1987) is a classic action sci-fi.

Demers & Vorn

Demers & Vorn is a Canadian artist duo collaborating on large-scale robotic installations.

Weiyi Hu

Weiyi Hu is one of the artist of the 2013 Summer Sessions at V2_.

Action Plant

Action Plant (2010) is a work by Ivan Henriques. It is a speculative proposal to empower threatened ...

Poortgebouw - Open Action Cafe Nov 17, 2004 04:00 PM

A DEAF04 related program at the Poortgebouw in Rotterdam.

Museum Night 2014: V2_ presents Turtle 1, The Sequel Mar 08, 2014 08:00 PM

V2_ presents Melle Smets' 'Turtle 1, The Sequel', at the Museum Night 2014.

Noud Heerkens

Noud Heerkens is a film maker.

Jae Rhim Lee

Jae Rhim Lee (US) is a visual artist, designer, and researcher.

Poster actie Aug 01, 1982

Action by artists connected to V234.

more ...
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