Re-use of Parts

Pseudomorphs, 2010

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Jan Jongert

Jan Jongert (1971) is one of the founders of Superuse Studios back in 1997.


P.S. (2011) is an installation by Herman Asselberghs and Fairuz, using the parts of the laptop ...

Laptop Culture Revealed Laptop Culture Revealed

From the beginning of Herman Asselberghs’s project 'Dear Steve', a video letter to Steve Jobs in ...

In­tro­duc­tion & Cu­ra­to­ri­al State­ment

In­tro­duc­tion & Cu­ra­to­ri­al State­ment by Michelle Kasprzak for the Speculative ...


The Turtle is a car made from discarded western car parts, assembled in Ghana, and exported back to ...

Circumventive Organs

Circumventive Organs is a work by Agatha Haines.

Art His­to­ry’s Ob­jects

Art His­to­ry’s Ob­jects is an interview with Sven Lüttick­en by Rachel O’Reil­ly. ...

The Evening of the Ludic Society Apr 12, 2007 08:00 PM

An evening curated by Ludic Society, as part of DEAF07.


Transfiguration is a work by Agatha Haines.


eye is musician, artist and singer.

Test_Lab: goes Noordkaap Oct 30, 2008 08:00 PM

V2_ and Noordkaap Foundation invite you to witness how artists, designers, and performers give ...

Experimentele Muziek Jun 22, 1985 09:30 PM

Event with experimental music at V2.

Interact or Die! (Introduction)

Introduction by Arjen Mulder and Joke Brouwer for the publication "Interact or Die!" (2007).

Installatie voor de Instabiele Media

"Installation for the Unstable Media" is a work by V2 (Joke Brouwer and Alex Adriaansens).

World Wide Ensemble

"World Wide Ensemble" (2007) is a generated image work by Antoine Schmitt. It was co-developed at ...

Texts from the orig­inal Strate­gic Arts Ini­tia­tive cat­alogue

Texts from the orig­inal Strate­gic Arts Ini­tia­tive cat­alogue from 1986, by Derrick de ...

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