P.A.P.A., after "Blowup: Every Artist, A Journalist" (2011); photo: Jan Sprij

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Radioscape IV

Radioscape is an immersive electromagnetic environment (2004) by Edwin van der Heide.

Dream Kitchen

"Dream Kitchen" is a CD-ROM by Josephine Starrs and Leon Cmielewski.


S.S.S. (Sensors Sonics Sights) is the trio consisting of Atau Tanaka, Cecile Babiole and Laurent ...


OLFACTOSCAPE - deconstructing Chanel No. 5 - (2012) is a work by Maki Ueda.

Images (larger than) 1:1

"Images (larger than) 1:1" (1996) is a web-based artwork by Debra Solomon.

Marrow and Bone

Marrow & Bone is research project and form experiment by Ishèle Levy and Lee Rammelt, aiming at ...

Nuzzle Afar

Description of Masaki Fujihata's 3D virtual environment "Nuzzle Afar," published in "The Art of ...

Variable Media: Lecture by Lev Manovich Nov 03, 2005 07:00 PM

In November 1994 Lev Manovich gave one of his first public lectures at V2_. 11 years later Manovich ...


"StalkShow" (2003) a public space project by Karen Lancel.


"Crossings" (1995), a project about landscape architecture, using Virtual Reality and the Internet, ...

Face Your World

"Face Your World" (2002-2003) is a community project for children by Jeanne van Heeswijk (NL).

Passage Sets/One Pulls Pivots At The Tip Of The Tongue

"Passage Sets/One Pulls Pivots At The Tip Of The Tongue" (1994 - 1995) is an interactive ...

Navigating the Collective Unconscious

Text (2013) by Arjen Mulder about Marnix de Nijs's work 'Exploded Views 2.0'.

Nuzzle Afar, Distant Affairs and Greetings

'Nuzzle Afar, Distant Affairs and Greetings' (1998) is a 3D environment created by Masaki Fujihata.


Catalogue text about Herwig Weiser's "zgodlocator," published in "The Art of the Accident," 1998.


oss/**** (1998) is a work by JODI, published in 1998 as a CD-Rom, and shown as an installation in ...

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