Into the image

Palm Top Theater Opening (2011) - photo: Jan Sprij

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'One Word Movie' is an on-line platform which organizes, based on user-supplied terms, the flood of ...


"Transverser" (1998) is an interactive installation by Christian Kessler, based on the idea of ...

On Another Occasion

'On Another Occasion' (2002) is a video by Kevin Hanley.

De Kristallen Bol

'De Kristallen Bol' (The Crystal Ball) is an interactive installation by Jaap de Jonge from 1996.

Interactive Digital Structures

Essay by Jeffrey Shaw about his own interactive works, written for "Book for the Unstable Media," ...

The Evening of ... Joost Rekveld Nov 17, 2000 08:30 PM

A programme at DEAF00 curated and presented by Joost Rekveld.

game of mobile forces

"game of mobile forces" (2001) is a software project by Anton Aeki, Joris Cool and Anouk de Clercq ...

The WTC image complex

A critical view on a culture of the shifting image, by Birgit Richard, for Wiretap 7.13 (2002).

Bas van Koolwijk

Bas van Koolwijk (NL) is a video and audio artist.

Big Data Poetry May 22, 2014 08:00 PM

Audiovisual live performance by Geert Mul and Michel Banabila. Performance at DEAF2014

Time/energy object and its building element, the waveform

Short article by Woody Vasulka, published in Machine Times (2000).

Julius von Bismarck

Julius von Bismarck (DE) experiments with human perception and the reconstruction of reality.

Wilhelm Hein

Wilhelm Hein (DE) is a filmmaker, film collector and catalyst.


"M.U.S.H." (Multi-User Sensorial Hallucination) (2004) is an interactive art work by Joachim ...


"Ondulation" is a composition for water, sound and light, by Thomas McIntosh with Mikko Hynninen ...


"Promenade" (2000) is a software project by Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák and Márton Fernezelyi.

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