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Heart Beats

"Heart Beats" (2011) by Julie Legault is a wristwatch where time changes according to the wearer's ...

Julie Legault

Julie Legault (CA) is an interdisciplinary designer exploring the futures of accessories.


Lowman (NL) is a graphic designer and initiator of beat lovers night Drop.


"De-Coupled" (2011) is a work by Doug Back.

Sunday Matinee with Bernie Lubell and Marta Braun Oct 18, 2009 12:00 PM

On the occasion of his exhibition at V2_ in Rotterdam, Bernie Lubell discusses his work in a Sunday ...

TK 730 at TEI 2012 TK 730 at TEI 2012

TK 730 from the E-Textile workspace is part of the sixth international conference TEI, which ...


Descriptions of various cinematic projects shown during DEAF04, taken from "Feelings Are Always ...


Onanon (NL) is a dj.

Circumventive Organs

Circumventive Organs is a work by Agatha Haines.

POLAR_TANGENT Apr 07, 2006 08:00 PM

On microsatellites and the art of remote polar sensing featuring Marko Peljhan and Zacharias Kunuk, ...

Videopresentatie III Sep 25, 1987 08:30 PM

Presentation evening with videos by artists and video centers.

Leif Parker

Leif Parker is one of the artists of the 2013 Summer Sessions at V2_.

DEAF07 Exhibition Apr 10, 2007 05:00 PM

Exhibition of interactive installations, video's and other electronic art, part of "Interact of ...

An Anecdoted Archive from the Cold War

A CD-Rom and installation (1993) by George Legrady.


"Buildings [New York]" by Francisco Lopéz, is a work about the inner sound environments of New ...

Susan Kozel

Susan Kozel (CA/GB) is a performer, choregrapher and writer.

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