Mikey Weinkove, hat distribution

Test_Lab: Who_Wants_To_Be...? (2011) - photo Jan Sprij

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Mikey Weinkove

Mikey Weinkove (UK) is a co-founder of "The People Speak" and originator of the "Talkaoke."

Evening of.. The People Speak May 17, 2012 09:00 PM

The People Speak is a London-based studio that creates tools to help the world to take itself over. ...

Saul Albert

Saul Albert (UK) is a researcher and artist.


V2_Agency is a service for media art distribution established by V2_ Institute for the Unstable ...

V2_Agency launched at Transmediale 2011 V2_Agency launched at Transmediale 2011

V2_ launches a new agency for the distribution of media artworks, expanding the institution’s ...

Netherlands Media Art Institute

Merged in 1993 from Montevideo/Time Based Arts, the NIMk is known for its presentation, collection ...

Flesh Histories

"Flesh Histories" (1992) is a compilation of about 30 works, selected by Tom Kalin.

Wearable Urban Routine

"Wearable Urban Routine" (2011) by Xiaowen Zhu is a two-week walk performance with a wearable ...

Mediaworks Resource

Short article about archival database models by Nina Czegledy (1996).

Open day V2_, V2_Archief, V2_ Audiovisual Sep 15, 1991 02:00 PM

In 1991, V2_'s focus shifted from the presentation of media art in its own space to the ...

Floris van Manen

Floris van Manen (NL) is soundscape artist.

Engage.net Apr 01, 2000 11:00 AM

A photography exhibition that showcases the internet as medium of distribution.


EncART is the European Network for CyberART.

Valia Fetisov

Valia Fetisov (RU) is an artist interested in making 'virtual art.'


Short essay by Achim Wollscheid, published in "Book for the Unstable Media," 1992.

V2_ at Transmediale 2011 V2_ at Transmediale 2011

Transmediale is on (February 1-6) and V2_ has lots to present; installations, books and a complete ...

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