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SPASM for Live beta

An integrated Spatial Audio solution for Ableton Live, developed by Sebastian Frisch and V2_Lab.

SPASM 4 Live

SPASM 4 Live (Spatial Audio Sound Mixer) gives you the possibility to create intuitive audio mixes ...

Interview with Sebastian Frisch about SPASM 4 Live development Interview with Sebastian Frisch about SPASM 4 Live development

Sebastian Frisch spent a few months in 2011 working on SPASM, V2_’s Spatial Audio Mixer, in the ...

Oil Compass

"Oil Compass" (2011) is an interactive data visualization tool developed by Kasia Molga (UK), ...


In Spatial Audio, Boris Debackere researched spatial sound in general and its application within ...

Tracking Technology for the Performing Arts Apr 11, 2007 11:00 PM

Workshop about tracking technology; took place during DEAF07.

Become an iPhone Beta Tester Become an iPhone Beta Tester

V2_lab is developing an artistic iphone application and is looking for people interested in testing ...

DAMPF Research Lab #2 Nov 25, 2003

An expert meeting around the concept for live performance work by choreographer François Raffinot ...

Sebastian Frisch

Sebastian Frisch (DE) is a film maker, musician, new media artist and programmer.

Layar Safari - City Route

'Layar Safari - City Route' (2010) is an AR-project by Victor de Vries and Sander Veenhof.

Test_Lab: Active Listeners Mar 31, 2011 08:00 PM

This edition of Test_Lab will showcase new technology-inspired modes of live musical performance ...

Doon MacDonald

Doon MacDonald (UK) is a musician-researcher and PhD-candidate in media arts technology.

Le Placard: Rotterdam Headphone Lounge Sep 04, 2005 08:00 PM

With a Rotterdam Headphone Lounge, V2_ links up with Le Placard, a nomadic festival that presents ...

Niklas Adam

Niklas Adam (DK) is an artist residing in Norway.

V2_Lab_Open_Track V2_Lab_Open_Track

At V2_lab we've been working on Augmented Reality and various tracking technologies. Over the years ...

surface 03, Els Viaene: V2_Black Box Nov 10, 2005 04:00 PM

Els Viaene is a sound and visual performer who 'builds' audio media-surfaces which act to cut the ...

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