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V2_ collaborates with Renzo Martens' IHA

V2_ is the production partner for a new project by Renzo Martens' Institute for Human Activities.

Responsible Technological Innovation

This eBook is comprised of seventeen haiku capturing the essential insights from The Hydra Syndrome ...

Andrew Maynard

Andrew Maynard is the Director of the Risk Science Center at the University of Michigan.

The Hydra Syndrome Jun 05, 2014 09:00 AM

The Hydra Syndrome: Exploring Responsible Technology Innovation in a Complex World was a two day ...

New Materials New Methods (Blowup Reader 8)

'New Materials New Methods ', is the eighth in the series of Blowup Readers. It explores the ...

Proliferating Plants and Strange-Looking Eyes

Proliferating Plants and Strange-Looking Eyes is a text by Boukje Cnossen on the work of Driessens ...

It's About Time: Prototyping and Intent

It's About Time: Prototyping and Intent is a text by Greg J. Smith. It's included in the e-book ...

Digital Alchemy

Digital Alchemy is a text by Giles Lane.

Learning from Fitzcarraldo

Learning from Fitzcarraldo is written by Karoline Sobecka for the V2_publication 'New Materials, ...

Test_Lab: Genomic Gastronomy Dec 11, 2014 08:00 PM

Test_Lab: Genomic Gastronomy features The Center for Genomic Gastronomy (Zack Denfield, Cathrine ...

Greg J. Smith

Greg J. Smith is a designer and educator.

Henry Hemming

Henry Hemming is a writer, and the author of 'Churchill’s Iceman' (2014).

Epilogue, or, How to Think Like a Genius

Excerpt from 'Churchill’s Iceman: The True Story of Geoffrey Pyke: Genius, Fugitive, Spy' by ...

Piccard Fund

The Piccard Fund is a funding initiative from V2_ dedicated to support artistic research, ...

Pop-up Store at Art Rotterdam

Tijdens de kunstbeurs Art Rotterdam van 5–8 februari 2015 presenteert V2_ een speciale pop-up ...

On the Threshold of Beauty

In this lavishly illustrated book Kees Tazelaar meticulously reconstructs the birth and evolution ...

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