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Bumperband On-line

Bumperband On-line (made by Ed Bezem and Pieter Jongelie) is the title of an installation that was ...

Field Notes From A Mine

"Field Notes From A Mine" is a cut-up film of an abstract documentary on different routes and areas ...

Nodes&Notes Sep 18, 1996 09:00 PM

The music program of DEAF96 consisting of two evenings at Nighttown in Rotterdam.

Georgios Papadopoulos

Georgios Papadopoulos (GR) is a economist and philosopher focused on money and its societal values.

SoundNET Sep 18, 1996

A performance by Sensorband.

Mechanical Sound Orchestra

"Mechanical Sound Orchestra" (1988-) by Matt Heckert is an installation of computer-controlled ...

Tools for Field Notes From A Mine

V2_ lab has been collaborating on a part of the project by Martijn van Boven and Tom Tlalim - Field ...

All My Hummingbirds Have Alibis

This work (1991) by Morton Subotnick is the first musical composition released exclusively on ...

Yukiko Shikata

Yukiko Shikata (JP) is an artist.

Google Gift

Google Gift (2014) is a work by Lasse van den Bosch Christensen.

Jouke Kleerbezem

Jouke Kleerbezem (NL) is an artist and researcher.

Radio Undesignated

"Radio Undesignated" is an internet radio station. It is the graduation project by Danny van der ...

Andrew Benjamin

Andrew Benjamin (AU) is a philosopher and architectural theorist.


Bernhard Günter/Ralf Wehowsky "Un Ocean de Certitude," 3 x 3" CD set with booklet in plastic box, ...

Dick Raaymakers

Dick Raaymakers (NL) was a pioneer in electronic and tape music.

Habbakuk Expert Meeting: Rotterdam Oct 24, 2013 02:00 PM

The Habbakuk Expert Meeting gather experts from a range of backgrounds to discuss methods of ...

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