Moving Mapping process

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Moving Mapping

"Moving Mapping" (2011) is a work by Jelle Valk and Olav Huizer (from the WERC collective) on the ...

Jelle Valk

Jelle Valk (NL) is a young designer with a background in typography, graffiti and graphic design.

Olav Huizer

Olav Huizer (NL) is a young designer exploring new crossovers between graphic design and new media.


"II" (2009) is a work by Tarik Barri.

Connective Cartography

Project descriptions of various works shown at DEAF04, from "Feelings Are Always Local".

Inke Arns

Inke Arns (DE) is a curator and author. Features V2_ Summer Sessions Features V2_ Summer Sessions

Guest blogger for "" Valerie Lamontagne interviewed this year's participants of ...


"Scanned" (2000) is a work by Christian Ziegler.

The War-Riders Cocktail Nov 13, 2004 06:00 PM

Short early evening presentation at DEAF04.

Martin Dodge

Martin Dodge (GB) is a researcher, who directs the Cyber-Geography Research project.

LA Pools

LA Pools is a work by Benedikt Gross and Joseph K. Lee.

Rodney Hoinkes

Rodney Hoinkes (CA) is a information representation design expert.

The Evening of ... Joost Rekveld Nov 17, 2000 08:30 PM

A programme at DEAF00 curated and presented by Joost Rekveld.

Cartographic Command Centre (CCC)

Cartographic Command Centre (CCC) (2004) is an installation which incorporates various projects ...

Steven Devleminck

Steven Devleminck is a theorist and practitioner specialized in media/sound art and artistic ...


Can Augmented Reality be used as a medium to create musical compositions?

more ...
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