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Content Research Capturing Unstable Media

Chapter of the Capturing Unstable Media publication which elaborates on the case studies the ...

Ideophone 1

"Ideophone 1" (1970) is a sound sculpture made from loudspeakers by Dick Raaymakers (NL). [Work ...

Test_Lab: goes Noordkaap Oct 30, 2008 08:00 PM

V2_ and Noordkaap Foundation invite you to witness how artists, designers, and performers give ...

Capturing Unstable Media

Capturing Unstable Media was a research project conducted by V2_ in 2003 on archiving and ...

The Art of Open Content Nov 12, 2004 03:00 PM

Expert meeting on open content and copyright at DEAF04.

SPASM for Live beta

An integrated Spatial Audio solution for Ableton Live, developed by Sebastian Frisch and V2_Lab.

DEAF_00 Digital Dive - case studies Nov 15, 2000 12:00 PM

Presentation in the Digital Dive programme of DEAF00.

DJ Git Hyper

DJ Git Hyper (NL) is a turntablist.

The Brotherhood - Table III

"The Brotherhood - Table III" (1994) is a work by Woody Vasulka. It was shown in the DEAF94 ...


Laibach V2 Live No 3


'Openbare Televisie Skulptuur' is a work by Jaap de Jonge from 1995.

Rosenberg-Interactive May 14, 1999

A new media performance (and installation) by Jon Rose.


Tigrics is the alter ego of Hungarian Róbert Bereznyei.

Documentation and capturing methods for unstable media arts

Main deliverable of Capturing Unstable Media, on strategies for 'capturing unstable media' and the ...


"RealTimeWarper" (2006) by Michiel van Bakel and Bill Spinhoven is a bio/electromagnetic triggering ...

Isidora Markou

Isidora Markou (GR) is a communication and marketing specialist.

more ...
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