Crowd around the Who Wants To Be...? celebrating democracy' Plaque

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Celebrating Democracy Celebrating Democracy

Thanks to The People Speak and all participants who were responsible for a remarkable democratic ...

Evening of.. The People Speak May 17, 2012 09:00 PM

The People Speak is a London-based studio that creates tools to help the world to take itself over. ...

Test_Lab: Who Wants To Be...? Dec 01, 2011 08:00 PM

Test_Lab: Who Wants to Be…? is a social experiment in the form of a raucous game show developed ...

Show Me the Money (Blowup Reader 5)

'Show Me the Money', part of the series of Blowup readers, collects several texts which explore the ...

Crowd DJ

"Crowd DJ" (2010/11) by Tom Laan is an interactive sound mixer. media / lifestyle & community May 11, 2001 08:00 PM

A program on online media communities.

The Garden

"The Garden" (1990) is a feature film by Derek Jarman.

Blowup: Show Me The Money Dec 02, 2011 08:00 PM

What pricetag do you put on priceless experiences and objects? Join us in discussion getting to the ...

The Archivist Speaks ... [8]

Two consecutive events at V2_ focus on money and the arts: Test_Lab: Who Wants to Be and the Blowup ...

Artist in Residence Pitches

Blogpost about the Artist in Residence pitches at DEAF2012, written by Nadia Palliser.


"Scanners" (1981) is a horror-science fiction film by David Cronenberg.

A Series of Reasonable Intentions

A Series of Reasonable Intentions is a work in progress by Koby Barhad. it is part of the ...

Augmented Reality Ecosystem Dec 04, 2009 01:00 PM

An afternoon on Augmented Reality in which we experienced and discussed the emerging ecosystem ...

The Mouthpiece

"The Mouthpiece" (1994) is an interactive installation by Krzysztof Wodiczko.

Lieven van Speybroeck

Lieven Van Speybroeck (BE) is a graphic designer who likes to fumble around with code.

Michel van Dartel at ISEA and Balance-Unbalance Michel van Dartel at ISEA and Balance-Unbalance

In June 2013 V2_'s Michel van Dartel gives two presentations titled 'Towards Ecological Autarky' in ...

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