News on V2_ related events and activities.

A visit to Lusanga

Arie Altena — May 08, 2017

A report on visiting “The Repatriation of The White Cube", April 21-22, at Lusanga, D.R. Congo, by Michel van Dartel.

Giving and Taking Free PDF

Arie Altena — Jan 23, 2017

The V2_ publication 'Giving and Taking' has been sold out for a while. Don't despair if you'd like to read it: the PDF-version is available for free.

Negative Docs Performance with Erica Scourti

Arie Altena — Oct 24, 2016

Monday 31 October Erica Scourti – also part of V2_'s The Gig is Up exhibition – presents her performance piece 'Negative Docs' at AKV | St. Joost, Breda.

Inaugural Lectures by Michel van Dartel and Sebastian Olma

Arie Altena — Oct 18, 2016

On Friday 18 November, V2_’s Michel van Dartel and Sebastian Olma, currently a Fellow at V2_, will deliver their inaugural lectures at Avans University of Applied Sciences.

Jip de Beer at Neuro Gym

Arie Altena — Oct 18, 2016

Web Spaces, a work by Summer Sessions artist Jip de Beer, is shown at the Neuro Gym exhibition organised by Kitchen Budapest.

Videos: Summer Sessions 2016

Arie Altena — Oct 17, 2016

Short videos about the projects that were realized during the 2016 Summer Sessions residencies at V2_.

V2_'s new fellowship program

Arie Altena — Nov 07, 2016

Sarah Cook and Sebastian Olma are the first two Fellows in our fellowship program.

Mischa Daams' Origins at Art Center Nabi, Seoul

Arie Altena — Sep 05, 2016

Mischa Daams' work Origins is on view at Art Center Nabi, Seoul.

Nabi Artist Residency and Artist Talks August 2016

Arie Altena — Aug 29, 2016

For his Summer Sessions Residency Mischa Daams went to Nabi Art Centre in Seoul. On 24 August he did an artist talk.

V2_ in Sarajevo

Arie Altena — Jul 11, 2016

V2_ is part of the team of a new project: Decentralizing Archives.

I-could-have-written-that workshop

Arie Altena — Jul 04, 2016

Workshop on 7th of July: 'I-could-have-written-that'.

Honorary Mention for V2_

Arie Altena — Aug 16, 2016

V2_ received a honorary mention for the new EU STARTS prize 2016.

Summer Sessions Selection 2016

Arie Altena — Oct 11, 2016

The final selection for the Summer Sessions 2016 has been made.

Live stream

Jan Misker — May 19, 2016


14 March Bidbook Next Economy

Arie Altena — Feb 22, 2016

V2_ participated in a project initiated by Studio Wolfpack for a roadmap to a 'Next Economy'. On 14 March 2016 the bidbook will be presented.

Video: Lecture by Vinay Gupta at the opening event of Data in the 21st Century

Arie Altena — Dec 25, 2015

Here's the video of Vinay Gupta's lecture at the opening event of Data in the 21st Century, last Friday 18 December.

Lecture on SPASM in Vienna

Arie Altena — Dec 08, 2015

Sebastian Frisch gives a lecture on Audible spaces as part of a SPASM-workshop in Vienna

WOOF & WOW Crowdfunding campaign

Arie Altena — Dec 03, 2015

With a very talented young designer Woof & Wow is creating beautiful and durable furniture from upcycled plastic based on local craftsmanship in Peru.

Woof & Wow in Lima

Arie Altena — Nov 10, 2015

Woof & Wow are now in Lima (Peru).

Nicky Assmann: Radiant

Arie Altena — Oct 13, 2015

Nicky Assmann has a solo exhibition at TENT Rotterdam from 15 October 2015 till 10 January 2016.

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