30 Years V2_

V2_ turns 30! We’ll celebrate this milestone in a range of ways this year, starting with the DEAF festival’s closing club night at WORM, May 19.

30 Years V2_

Joke Brouwer (1982) Vughterstraat, Den bosch

In the turbulent year of 1981 the building at Vughterstraat 234 in Den Bosch was squatted by a group of artists and musicians, including a young Joke Brouwer and an almost as young Alex Adriaansens. There was no place for their sounds, art or ideas in the established venues, so they created one of their own at "V234," quickly shortened to "V2." September 3 and 4, 1981 the first events where organized. In 1982, these pragmatic anarchists decided to organize themselves into a foundation, and V2_ was officially born. (Click here for a brief history of V2_).

That was 30 years ago. We'll celebrate this milestone in a range of ways in 2012, starting at DEAF in May. The 30 Y V2_ party at DEAF, featuring performances and plenty of music, will take place on the festival's closing club night on Saturday, May 19, at WORM. DEAF and TodaysArt have planned a killer club night. What's on the program?


Kicking off the performance program at 23:00, Edwin van der Heide will play with visitors’ perception of sound and space in Shape-V2_, using an eight-channel speaker setup as his instrument. Varying time delays between speakers will create changing structures in the arrival patterns of the sound at the listener’s ears, creating a continuum between the spatial perception of sound and rhythmic patterns at both a micro and a macro level. This principle forms the starting point for the composition. Please note that this is a delicate but intense sound performance. (Please note: no entry after the performance has started.)

Pierre Bastien will perform with his famous mechanical orchestra. The French artist spent many years composing music for dance companies and playing with Pascal Comelade, developing his mechanical orchestra all the while. Since 1987, he has concentrated on solo performances, sound installations, recordings, and collaborations with artists such as Pierrick Sorin, Karel Doing, Jean Weinfeld, Robert Wyatt and Issey Miyake. 

Electronic music:

Jimmy Edgar, Conforce (Detroit and Berlin dub techno), D44N and Marcel Haug!

So whether you were a part of V2_'s unruly 1980s scene or have only recently come across the Institute for the Unstable Media, we invite you to celebrate V2_'s 30th birthday with us, starting at DEAF2012. Tickets are available at www.deaf.nl.

Those wishing to peacefully recall memories over a glass of wine might prefer to (also) come to the festival's opening May 16.


More information on this program...

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