Current Values at TENT

V2_'s Michel van Dartel is the moderator of three events at TENT in Rotterdam: Current Values.

Current Values is a series of evenings where artists, thinkers, writers, and journalists put the term ‘value’ under the microscope. In keynote lectures, live interviews, and video program Current Values examines contemporary thinking about value(s) and economy, and the role of art.

On 23 October one of the projects that will be presented is 75 Watt by Tuur van Balen of the design duo Cohen van Balen. 75 Watts has been realised with support by V2_, and shows how a production process can be reversed so that the product no longer controls the movements of the worker. V2_'s Michel van Dartel is the moderator for all three evenings.

More information:
25 09: www.tentrotterdam.nl/shows/actueel/20130925_currentvalues.php
23 10: www.tentrotterdam.nl/events/actueel/20131023_currentvalues.php?lang=en
27 11: www.tentrotterdam.nl/events/actueel/20131127_currentvalues.php?lang=en

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