I-could-have-written-that workshop

Workshop on 7th of July: 'I-could-have-written-that'.

We would like to invite you to the workshop *i-could-have-written-that*, on Thursday July 7th, 14:00. The workshop is part of Test_Lab: the Graduation Edition 2016 (the evening event on the same day that starts at 20:00)

*i-could-have-written-that* is a two hour workshop in the form of a critical examination of the reading power of text mining software. The workshop dismantles how large sets of written documents are transformed into useful/meaningful/truthful information. A process that is presented by text mining companies as "the power to know", "the absolute truth", "with an accuracy that rivals and surpasses humans". This workshop challenges the image of this modern algorithmic oracle, by training our own personal oracles.

There will be pens and paper, a few computers, and graphical interfaces so no specific technical skills are required. There is a maximum of 8 participants this time.

To inscribe & for more info: www.i-could-have-written-that.info

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