Final 3rd I Project Team Meeting

The third and, for now, last workshop meeting took place on Tuesday, June 8. The groups from Rotterdam and Shanghai showed each other their models.

There were difficulties with the Skype connection this time; we hope this does not bode poorly for the robot control in the exhibition. In any case, the models looked promising. The difference in scale of the two teams’ vision was striking. It was obvious that the Chinese participants came from a city of millions, while the Dutch had taken Rotterdam’s more modest proportions as a starting point. This result will be a dream city where futuristic towers sit beside urban farms and floating mega-buildings alongside houses sunken in the landscape. Along with water, which plays an important role in both port cities, green space is a binding element. If it was up to these mainly young participants, the city of the future would shade imperceptibly into the countryside. 


Zoro’s Bridge

The workshop leaders will now fit the different models into the final city. Like real urban planners, they will address themselves to creating roads for robots and bodies of water for floating pavilions, and to the question of where to put Zoro’s Bridge. This monumental bridge will link the Chinese and Dutch models. Professional model builders in China will use the current models as a basis for building the super-city for the exhibition at the DCC.

Participants from Shanghai and Rotterdam publish their research and projects on

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