Puck Schot at V2_

Puck Schot will be developing work at V2_ from April 3rd.

Since April 3rd, upcoming Rotterdam-based artist Puck Schot is developing her work  in V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media. After a month of exploration in V2_, Puck will join Roodkapje in their then newly finished exhibition space at Delftsplein 39. After graduating from the KABK, Puck Schot sprung into her artist career during Roodkapje’s first outdoor festival; Root Camp in 2016. Puck has transformed media and film to interactive installations and performances. She has experimented with hip-hop, film and performance and uses a combination of home-video style footage shot on holidays in combination with stock-footage animations and voice-overs. She uses personal dialogues from her diary to transform them into reflective speeches that serve as an opening and a possible ending towards the video and in-between objects. During her development stage, Puck will be working at V2_. This is V2_ ‘s second collaboration with Roodkapje after last year’s ‘Reality✓Check’. Afterwards, Puck will move in with Roodkapje, where she will present her final work called “hope upon a wishing wound” as a solo-exhibition.



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