Voordekunst: Johannes Langkamp

Former Summer Sessions artist Johannes Langkamp started a crowdfunding campaign to realize his new work 'Falling Frames'

The crowdfunding campaign for Falling Frames is in Dutch:


Here's an English summary:

Through a collaboration with the foundation Videopower from Maastricht I was able to develop a device which is required for the realisation of a new video-work. My goal is to produce a single video sequence about the frame of the cameras perspective. Filmed with 240frames per second there will be 25 timber frames falling (of a hight of 15meters) into the cameras field of view. 

This staged video-sequence is a research about space and how we perceive this space through the twodimensional medium video. For the presenation of this work I wil develop an installation which shall be shown in a solo exhibition in Cologne, at the art space Tyson. The work will also be displayed in the filmtheater Lumière in Maastricht and wil be programmed on the regional television channel L1.

At this state the pre-production is finished but what is missing is your support. There are perks listed on the link, such as prints of a video-still and even a limited edition of this video work. 

I would be more than happy with your participation.

Johannes Langkamp


Developments of this project will be updated online at: http://thatdreamneedswork.tumblr.com/


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