News on V2_ related events and activities.

Palm Top Theater: Open Call for Content

Joris van Ballegooijen — Nov 02, 2012

We challenge all you makers out there to produce and share new content for Palm Top Theater, the device that transforms your iPhone into a 3D-theater in the palm of your hand. Product and browser app will be launched in Japan in November 2012.

Interview with Sebastian Frisch about SPASM 4 Live development

Jan Misker — Sep 17, 2012

Sebastian Frisch spent a few months in 2011 working on SPASM, V2_’s Spatial Audio Mixer, in the V2_Lab. After completing two theses on spatial audio in virtual environments, he decided to rebuild the tool entirely from scratch. Joris van ...

September Festival Highlights

Joris van Ballegooijen — Sep 19, 2012

Highlights from the 2012 editions of Ars Electronica, GOGBOT, Transnatural, PICNIC, Wereld van Witte de With and TodaysArt.

Denzipfaden by Maartje Dijkstra

Joris van Ballegooijen — Aug 16, 2012

Maartje Dijkstra is a fashion designer who participated in two “classic” V2_ projects. She made the crash suit for Exercise in immersion 4 by Marnix de Nijs, presented at DEAF 07 and in 2009 she designed the white dress for the Intimacy Series ...


Joris van Ballegooijen — Jul 16, 2012

Starting as an internal overview of projects related to V2_Lab’s research themes, the V2_Knowledgebase has grown into an extensive database of people, institutions and projects that is now freely accessible to anyone who wishes to use it. The ...

Anouk Wipprecht: Made in China

Joris van Ballegooijen — Jul 09, 2012

Dutch fashion designer and former V2_ “Summer Sessionista” Anouk Wipprecht is in Beijing to lead a Wearable Technology workshop at Tsingua University.

E-Textile Waste

Piem Wirtz — Jun 27, 2012

This months's eTextile workspace started out with three presentations around the topic of recycling textiles and e-waste. Producers of eTextiles already encounter recycling problems on small scale productions of prototypes, so there should be a ...

Selected Projects Summer Sessions 2012

Joris van Ballegooijen — Sep 17, 2012

A brief introduction to the projects selected for Summer Sessions 2012.

Honorary Mention for Protei at Ars Electronica 2012

Joris van Ballegooijen — Jun 04, 2012

Protei, the project by Open Sailing, co-developed at V2_, received an Honorary Mention from 2012 Ars Electronica in the category "Hybrid Art".

Beta Textiles

Piem Wirtz — Jul 25, 2012

Beta Textiles is the notion that textiles do not only consist of their material shape, but are also defined by some sort of code like knitting or weaving patterns. And if you consider textiles as code, could Open Source philosophy apply to the ...

DEAF2012 Workshops

Joris van Ballegooijen — Apr 20, 2012

As part of DEAF2012 a series of workshops will be organized on augmented reality, wearable technology and ecology. Each workshop will be led by artists and specialists in the field. Places are limited, it is important to register early.

30 Years V2_

Joris van Ballegooijen — May 19, 2012

V2_ turns 30! We’ll celebrate this milestone in a range of ways this year, starting with the DEAF festival’s closing club night at WORM, May 19.

Julien Maire in residence at V2_ and Transmedia Brussel

Joris van Ballegooijen — Apr 18, 2012

V2_ has initiated a new artist-in-residence program in which the V2_Lab will partner with art education institutions. Julien Maire started as V2_/Transmedia artist-in-residence.

Celebrating Democracy

Joris van Ballegooijen — Mar 05, 2015

Thanks to The People Speak and all participants who were responsible for a remarkable democratic decision on December 1 last year, we will unveil a plaque celebrating democracy and commemorating Test_Lab: Who Wants to Be ...? on the facade of V2_ at ...

V2_Lab Welcomes Valia Fetisov

Piem Wirtz — Mar 29, 2012

The Lab has started a collaboration with the Russian LABORATORIA - Art and Science Space.

Is Wearable Tech Just Bad Fashion?

Piem Wirtz — Mar 08, 2012

Wearable Technology is often criticized to be merely 'bad fashion'. Being on the verge of art, fashion and technology, one could argue it is therefor not real fashion. Or at least not attractive in it's design. In this e-Textile Workspace edition, ...

Summer Camp on Master Craftsmanship

Piem Wirtz — Jun 24, 2012

A selected group of textile designers, DIY hackers and E-Textile experts have been invited by The Swedish School of Textiles to discuss the role of craft in wearable technology. This 4-day hands-on workshop explored the topic of ‘Future E-Textiles ...

TK 730 at TEI 2012

Joris van Ballegooijen — Feb 15, 2012

TK 730 from the E-Textile workspace is part of the sixth international conference TEI, which focuses on the latest results in tangible, embedded, and embodied interaction. TEI 2012 takes place from 19th to 22nd February at Queen's Human Media Lab in ...

Protei Presentation at MARIN

Arie Altena — Jan 24, 2012

On Friday January 20th Piem Wirtz and Alvaro Takiuti presented Protei at the Natural Propulsion Seminar of the Dutch Maritime Research Institute (MARIN).

Performative Wearables

Piem Wirtz — Dec 06, 2011

Since wearable technology pieces are often designed to be interactive, and in most cases are presented to an audience in some sort of way, we thought it was interesting to do a thought experiment: can every ‘wearable’ be considered a ...

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