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Kees Tazelaar Podcast, part II

Arie Altena — Apr 26, 2013

The second part of Radio Web Macba's podcast with the Dutch composer of electronic music Kees Tazelaar is now online.

Sounds Like Art

Arie Altena — Mar 28, 2013

Michel van Dartel curated the exhibition Sounds Like Art at Mu in Eindhoven.

Kees Tazelaar Podcast

Arie Altena — Mar 28, 2013

Radio Web Macba produced a podcast in the series Memorabilia, Collection Sounds With... featuring Kees Tazelaar. After the summer V2_ will publish Tazelaar's new book.

V2_ in 2013

Arie Altena — Jan 24, 2013

What’s V2_ future, what are we going to do in 2013?

The winner is...

Sofia Bustorff — Nov 14, 2012

The opening night of the 8th Piemonte Share Festival announced the Share Prize 2012, under its theme 'Open Your City' and it went to Stanza, with honorary mentions to Mark Shepard and Antonine Schmitt.

Po-Ting Lee back in Rotterdam for final part of his residency

Jan Misker — Nov 12, 2012

Taiwanese artist Po-Ting Lee is back at V2_Lab for the final part of his residency. In Rotterdam he is collaborating with Maartje Dijkstra on the realization of their project.

DOTS Digital Art Magazine Cover Contest

Joris van Ballegooijen — Nov 02, 2012

Dots Digital Art Magazine is a digital iPad magazine that puts contemporary art in the spotlight using an innovative and interactive approach. DOTS is organizing a cover contest. Be published and win a Palm Top Theater device.

404 not found: We are cleaning up our websites

Jan Misker — Nov 14, 2012

Over the past years we have accumulated a large number of project-specific websites. Most of these sites are not in active use, and keeping them online is no longer possible.

N0things app now available

Joris van Ballegooijen — Nov 02, 2012

The app N0things (spelled N-zero-things) has been launched October 13th 2012. Available for free in the iTunes store! Download it and start collecting!

e-Pulse Festival 2012

Joris van Ballegooijen — Oct 12, 2012

The ever so charming media art festival e-pulse opens its exhibition October 26 at Electron in Breda. V2_ spotted some familiar faces in the program: Bram Snijders, Julian Oliver and Tarik Barri.

Vote-Counter App for The People Speak

Joris van Ballegooijen — Oct 02, 2012

Although at the recent Dutch elections all voting computers where banned because of possible fraud, “The People Speak” asked V2_Lab to develop a Vote-Couter application to help them with their live events.

Palm Top Theater: Open Call for Content

Joris van Ballegooijen — Nov 02, 2012

We challenge all you makers out there to produce and share new content for Palm Top Theater, the device that transforms your iPhone into a 3D-theater in the palm of your hand. Product and browser app will be launched in Japan in November 2012.

Interview with Sebastian Frisch about SPASM 4 Live development

Jan Misker — Sep 17, 2012

Sebastian Frisch spent a few months in 2011 working on SPASM, V2_’s Spatial Audio Mixer, in the V2_Lab. After completing two theses on spatial audio in virtual environments, he decided to rebuild the tool entirely from scratch. Joris van ...

September Festival Highlights

Joris van Ballegooijen — Sep 19, 2012

Highlights from the 2012 editions of Ars Electronica, GOGBOT, Transnatural, PICNIC, Wereld van Witte de With and TodaysArt.

Denzipfaden by Maartje Dijkstra

Joris van Ballegooijen — Aug 16, 2012

Maartje Dijkstra is a fashion designer who participated in two “classic” V2_ projects. She made the crash suit for Exercise in immersion 4 by Marnix de Nijs, presented at DEAF 07 and in 2009 she designed the white dress for the Intimacy Series ...


Joris van Ballegooijen — Jul 16, 2012

Starting as an internal overview of projects related to V2_Lab’s research themes, the V2_Knowledgebase has grown into an extensive database of people, institutions and projects that is now freely accessible to anyone who wishes to use it. The ...

Anouk Wipprecht: Made in China

Joris van Ballegooijen — Jul 09, 2012

Dutch fashion designer and former V2_ “Summer Sessionista” Anouk Wipprecht is in Beijing to lead a Wearable Technology workshop at Tsingua University.

E-Textile Waste

Piem Wirtz — Jun 27, 2012

This months's eTextile workspace started out with three presentations around the topic of recycling textiles and e-waste. Producers of eTextiles already encounter recycling problems on small scale productions of prototypes, so there should be a ...

Selected Projects Summer Sessions 2012

Joris van Ballegooijen — Sep 17, 2012

A brief introduction to the projects selected for Summer Sessions 2012.

Honorary Mention for Protei at Ars Electronica 2012

Joris van Ballegooijen — Jun 04, 2012

Protei, the project by Open Sailing, co-developed at V2_, received an Honorary Mention from 2012 Ars Electronica in the category "Hybrid Art".

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