"Soft[n]" is an interactive installation in a lounge-like space based on the exploration of behavior arising through visitor interaction with a group of soft, networked objects.

The Soft[n] objects create an ecosystem in which the public intervenes and new behaviors arise through audience interaction. The Soft[n] system contains movement recognition, through which the audience’s interaction with the soft objects can be analyzed, and the objects in turn respond to that interaction. Each Soft[n] object reacts to visitors’ actions and to the other objects through sound, light and vibration, creating an ecology of the objects, fueled by visitors’ actions.

The work was exhibited at DEAF07: Interact or Die! At the same time, a workshop was given in which we created a game platform using a combination of Soft[n] technology and hive-networks. Workshop participants could add images and sounds to the ecosystem with personal tags (brief descriptions and personal evaluations of input). Using the movements and the media input, the Soft[n] installation was able to evaluate the participants’ personal moods and use them to decide whether images and sounds would be made public or were suitable for personal use only.


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