Summer Sessions Works

Works developed as part of the Summer Sessions residencies.

The Flag of Data

The Flag of Data (2017) is a work by Yeoul Son.

Still Gold Rushing

Still Gold Rushing (2017) is a work by May Heek.

The Machine in the Middle

The Machine in the Middle is a work by Claudia Oliveira.


Near-Strangers (2017) is an installation by artist duo DIASPORA (Constanza Casamadrid & Juan León Sarmiento), produced during their Summer Sessions residency at V2_.

Ex Topia

Ex Topia (2017) is a project by PLATEAURESIDUE (Aljaž Celarc & Eva Pavlič Seifert) dedicated to researching the general human passivity that is blunting the response to global warming. The project investigates interactive aesthetic strategies that ...

A Cryptanalysis of the Foreign Body Language

A Cryptanalysis of the Foreign Body Language (2017) is a performative piece by Yuping Hsu.


Re-Cycles (2017) is a work by Tin Dožić.

Extraneous Relationship

Extraneous Relationship is a work by Jun Hyoung San.

a note on slippage

a note on slippage is a work by Vida Guzmic.

Undiscovered Territory

Undiscovered Territory is a work by Siri Borge.


Pickcoin is a work by Inari Wishiki.

17 Seconds

17 Seconds is a work by Lai I-Chen.


25271067 is a work by Sebastian Pasquel.

Opinify App

Opinify App is a work by Zane Cerpina.

Untitled (2015)

Untitled is a sound installation/sculpture by Benjamin Nelson developed over a two month residency at V2_ Institute For The Unstable Media in Rotterdam as part of the Summer Sessions program in collaboration with PNEK.


'Place-Talk' (2014) is the work Iris & Cedar developed during their V2_ Summer Sessions residency in 2014.

Doing Nothing

'Doing Nothing' (2014) is Maarten Hunink's work, part of the Summer Sessions residency 2014 at V2_.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping (2014) is work by Joseph Hughes, developed at V2_ during a Summer Sessions residency.

Vertigo System

'Vertigo System' (2014) is the Summer Sessions residency project of Máté Pacsika which he developed at Chronus Art Center, Shanghai.


'Reverie (2014) is a work by Niklas Adam. He developed it during a 2014 Summer Sessions residency at V2_.

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