V2_Lab is convinced that applying technology and developing software within art projects can be an important addition to existing R&D.


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aRt&D (aRtistic research & Development) refers to the specific qualities that artists are able to introduce in the field of interdisciplinary technological innovation and realization. In aRt&D processes, knowledge is contributed from a range of artistic and cultural fields, including the visual arts, design activities, sonic practice, performing arts and game design. Especially in collaboration with engineers and computer scientists, the artistic approach is unconventional in connecting different research fields and leaving behind discipline-specific paradigms. This usually offers a refreshing perspective on complex technical issues and generates solutions or workarounds that are difficult to envision from a single field of expertise. 

Furthermore, emphasis on the audience and early inclusion of user feedback in the aRt&D process enables deeper understanding of the implications and opportunities of the technology-in-process. 


Starting as an internal overview of projects related to V2_Lab’s research themes, the V2_Knowledgebase has grown into an extensive database of people, institutions and projects that is now freely accessible to anyone who wishes to use it. The knowledgebase is divided according to the Lab’s research themes: wearable technology, augmented reality and ecology. The knowledgebase can be browsed as list or as infographic.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a collective name for technologies that change physical reality by adding computer-generated content in such a way that the user experiences a new, enhanced reality.

We discovered the technological aspect of augmented reality often turned out to be a stumbling block for artists interested in this media application. From a computer-technology perspective, augmented reality is often layered over the everyday environment for purposes of location-based services or navigation by mobile telephone, pervasive games, and so on. For many artists, however, the point is immersion, dramatic development and an interactive experience.

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In terms of complexity, making an augmented reality artwork can be compared to making an interactive film with different media layers. There is an important difference between augmented reality and traditional film, however: there are still few examples and little experience of developing and producing this new media form.

V2_Lab has extensive experience with augmented reality and is developing tools to make this medium more accessible for artists.

For more information about Augmented Reality, please contact Jan Misker or subscribe to our blog to stay posted on the subject.

Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology is situated at the intersection of art, technology, and fashion. It aims to research and develop interfaces between virtual and physical realities, using the body as a locus.

Pseudomorphs by Anouk Wipprecht

V2_ has a long practice of supporting, presenting, publishing, and (co-)developing wearable technology in collaboration with artists and universities. In the wearable technology projects, V2_ aims to connect technology with the culture of fashion. Over the years, V2_Lab has created various tools and applications to give fashion designers and artists the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art technology. By making these tools available under creative commons licenses and by sharing expertise and experience with other artists, V2_Lab aims to fulfill the role of a central hub for contemporary wearable technology.

Interested in wearable technology aRt&D at V2_Lab? Watch the video, contact Piem Wirtz with questions or subscribe to our blog to stay posted on our related activities.




The Ecology theme applies to diverse V2_projects at the interstices between man, nature, technology and/or society, it is about the interrelation of (eco-)systems.

The Action PlantEcosystems are dependent on each other, and V2_Lab brings together artists, engineers, scientists and researchers. Many artists and designers find their ideas for networks and interactivity in ecological systems. Some projects are generating awareness about the interconnectedness of living systems, others are about better understanding and reversing damage done to an ecosystem. Still others are survival projects, shelter for humans, or escape means for plants ... think urban agriculture, homegrown fashion, advanced bioart, guerrilla gardening, genetic technology, organic farming, living art.

V2_Lab sees an intertwinement of art & life, and believes in a bottom-up paradigm of interactivity, emergence and complexity. The Lab has an experienced team and a network of interested and skilled collaborators.

For more information about Ecology or interested in aRt&D: contact Boris Debackere or subscribe to our blog to stay posted on our related activities.

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